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Lava Exps on Dan Le Sac new album - 22nd May 2012

Fraser is featured on the new solo album from Dan Le Sac, which is out next month.
Dan and Fraser used write music together when Fraser lived in Reading. After Fraser moved back to Glasgow Dan started working with Scroobius Pip and the rest, as they say is history.

Fraser wrote and recorded the vocals on 'Breathing Under Water'. Space Between the Words is released on 9 July via Rob da Bank's Sunday Best label. Check out the first song off the album here.

Lava Solo Gig - 8th March 2012

Just confirmed, Fraser will be playing a one-off solo set at the Black Sparrow, Charing Cross, Glasgow, 8th March, as part of Glasgow Music's 'stripped back, acoustic and electro' sessions.
Fraser will be playing a selection of unreleased tunes that have never been played live. Pumajaw and Solipsism are also on the bill which is in association with Herb Recordings, the first record label to put out Lava material. It promises to be a cracking night with an eclectic mix of tunes, not to mention the fact that it's FREE!!!

This Will Destroy You Tickets 8 click below

(Tickets will be reserved for pick up on the door)

A tad belated, but supersized thanks to all that came down to the launch of our new EP 'Love Lust & Loss' last weekend. It was our first SOLD OUT show and the night went without a hitch, apart from one of our guitars being rendered unusable during soundcheck, but we won't go there. We shared the stage with Organs of Love and Ursula Minor on the night, both of whom were fantastic. Since then we were stoked to be asked to support This Will Destroy You at Ivory Black, 28th June. Hailing from Texas, This Will Destroy You are currently on a US/European tour promoting their new album 'Tunnel Blanket'. Described as ambient, experimental, thrash, they need to be witnessed first hand to find out what you've been missing. (Check em out here in the mean time - They are one of the Lava's biggest influences and being invited to support them is the biggest compliment we been paid to date. Also on the bill are What The Blood Revealed. Tickets online are 10 + booking fee Get them from us for 8!!! (+ 0.50 for Paypal fees if you use the clicky button above)

EP Launch Tickets 5 click below

(Tickets will be reserved for pick up on the door)

'Love, Lust & Loss' ep released today 30/05/11

Get yer clicky fingers over to iTunes or your favourite download site and get your copy of 'love lust & loss' which is out today.
If you are more of a cd type person we've got 100 hand-numbered very limited just for you. Follow the link above ('love lust & loss') to order your copy.

'Love, Lust & Loss' ep release & launch

Having completed the demo for our new ep Love, Lust & Lost at the end of last month we were stoked to hear that Creative Scotland will be funding the actual recording of the EP at Riverside Music Complex with Duncan Cameron. The five track EP consists of 'Seasonal Therapy', 'Time To Forget', 'Fading Thoughts', 'Heavy Burden' and 'Frost Is Back' and we get the recording underway with Duncan next week.
With 5-6 weeks to go till the EP release (30th May) and the launch (4th June) at The Captains Rest, the pre-order of the limited CDs and sale of tickets is now open. Both can be purchased direct from the Lava website via PayPal for 5 each. Click on the "pre-order" link at the top of the page for CDs or the "buy now" tab above for tickets.
The launch is going to be a very special night, with guest spots being filled by The Organs of Love and Death By Misadventure. We?ll be going to town on the promo for the event, as are The Captain?s Rest as it?s their first show of the Westend Festival so don?t hang back on booking up tickets if you are intending coming along.

Radio silence from the Lavas! 25/03/11

Didn't realise so much time had gone past since we last blogged/updated anything longer than the 140 character Twitter standard. Rest assured, we've not fallen off the face of the planet. We are studiously preparing our next release. The five track EP will be out Monday 31st May on cd and digital release and will be followed up by a launch at The Captains Rest, Glasgow, the following Saturday 4th April.
Currently we are waiting to hear (hopefully in the next couple of weeks) if the release will be financed by anyone other than ourselves. In the mean time we have been anything but idyll as we have been tanking ahead with a demo of the EP. It has been extremely useful from a production point of view as we've been dissecting and reconstructing the tunes in a way that perhaps we wouldn't have been able to in a intensive week in a studio, where you're against the clock from the minute you get through the door. When we do get into the studio and down to the pro-recording we'll know exactly what we have to do and we'll also have a reasonable demo to guide the engineer along the right path.
Keep your eye's peeled for updates on the release, tickets for the launch night and news on our very special guests for the night.

New tunage on the way 9/12/10

Following on from probably our biggest gig yet, the lavas have been holed up in the studio getting new some new tunage on the go. We've gradually been introducing some new material to our live sets for the last few months. Between the new live stuff and the material we are working on at the moment at we hope to record a new release towards the start of 2011. The new material is developing in a slightly different way from our earlier tunes. Instead of the laptop stuff coming first and the drums, bass etc building round about it, we are almost entirely reversing that process. It's providing more freedom to write without having to rely on the laptop as the backbone. Exciting times.

Supporting God Is An Astronaut @ King Tuts 10/11/10

To all you fine fine folk that came to Tuts last night we salute you. The Lavas have never played to an audience that big before. Tuts was absolutely rammed! (200-250 folks in during our set.)
Pity the tour manager from one of the other bands thought it was his place to demand that we shouldn't be allowed to play our last tune because we would run into their setup time by a few mins.
When you kick the arse out of preparing for a gig flogging a pile of tickets and crafting a set that's leading to a grand finale only to get your sound cut before getting there, is..... gutting. To put it mildly. Aside from that wee downer we had a cracking night.
Thanks again. X

Supporting God Is An Astronaut @ King Tuts 11/10/10

We've had a bit of a break from online activities and live action of late and we've come back feeling revived and raring to go! Our last live outings were at the end of August / start of Sept when we supported Shutter at the 13th Note then Fang Island at the Captains Rest. A fantastic wind up to the summer. (If you consider Sept to be still summer.) Our biggest gig of this year is undoubtedly supporting God Is An Astronaut and Caspian at King Tuts. God Is an Astronaut have been a huge influence on us so we were bowled over when DF offered us the slot. As usual we have discounted tickets for sale for this gig. Ticket Master are charging 10 + the usual booking fee malarkey whereas we are selling the tickets for 6! A snip and no mistaking. If outside Glasgow there will be a postage fee but no booking fee. Drop Fraser an email .

The Lava Experiments @ the Edinburgh Fringe 11/08/10

Australian theatre company 'One Step At A Time Like This' have incorporated 'Electric Garden' to their sold out Edinburgh Fringe perfomance called 'En Route'. We hope to get guestie places our selves so we can get into the show and interupt proceedings by shouting 'that's our tune', when it comes on.

Lava Internet Explorer Compatibility Issues 22/07/10

Apologies to anyone accessing the Lava site using IE. Apparently the Tunecore widget loaded with our last 4 eps was not performing on IE. Until this issue has been resolved we've reverted to the Soundcloud player which is every bit as attractive but fully functional across all browsers (he says touching wood). Enjoy!

FREE TUNAGE + Lava Player Pop-out 21/07/10

Download Never Been Lost for free at the link opposite from Bandcamp. All it will cost you will be your email address. Of course thats a double win as you will be automatically added to our monthly mail out. If you already had Never Been Lost but want to sign up for the hugely educational monthly mail outs then stick your email into the Fanbridge link to the left. At both Fanbridge and Tunecore you will be asked for all sorts of info - if you can't be arsed filling it in there's no need - your email address is all that's required.

We have also created a brand new Pop-out Player courtesy of Tunecore. Now you can listen to all the tunes from our last four eps. Fire in and let us know what you think by email

US Radio Play + New Giggage + Peenko Interview 23/06/10

We are also delighted to announce that we have been featured in the US radio station Sub-Rock Music within the International Spotlight section. Liquid Pig will hopefully up on their playlist for a few weeks so head on over to Sub-Rock and check it out.

Define Pop have invited us to play at the Captains Rest, Fri 16th July. It's currently one of our favorite venues and Wull (from Define Pop) always puts on a good night so we are really looking forward to that

Finally, an interview with the band was published in Peenko's Blog last week under the 'Scots Way-Hay' feature. It's an insight to the create process the band employs when writing new material, our key influences and plans for the future. It's a cracking read if I don't say so myself. You can either pop across to Peeko's Blog which is highly recommended, or you can check it out in our review section.

CD Bundles 8/06/10

A the ep launch we decided to bundle all our remaining cds and sell them for 10. The bundle included Blackbody Vols I, II & III + the remixes ep, Piecing Memories Together. It was such a roaring success we have decided to make this a web offer too. Head on over to here for all the details.

(Please note, as Blackbody Vol I sold out sometime ago only the promo cd is available in the bundle.)

Blackbody Vol III launch 6/06/10

Massive thanks to everyone that made it down to The 13th Note last night for our ep launch. As expected, it was a throbbing sweat box. Just the way we like it!

We had a fantastic night regardless of the few tiny wee technical hitches, possibly the most humourous of which was the sexy Mr Wond's ever shrinking drum stool.

Naturally we were gutted at the lack of nudity, but you can't have everything of a night.

Support from The Hundred Meter Club and Mammals was awesome.

Blackbody Vol III now available 2/06/10

The final instalment of our Blackbody trilogy of eps, is now available. To get your copy of one of our strictly limited (100) hand numbered cds follow the link below.

The Lavas are really looking forward to the launch party at The 13th Note this Saturday 5th June. We will be playing tunes from the EP plus some new stuff not yet played live. Also on the bill are The Hundred Metre Club and Mammals. Tickets are 5 on the door or 3 directly from the band ( Kick off 8:00.

Blackbody Vol III pre-order open 25/05/10

The final instalment of our Blackbody trilogy of eps, is out Monday 31st. However, you can pre-order your strictly limited (100) hand numbered copy on cd from the link below.

Don't be forgetting our launch party at The 13th Note, Saturday, 5th June, hosted by Flowers In The Dustbin. Also on the bill are The Hundred Metre Club and Mammals. Tickets are 5 on the door or 3 directly from the band ( Kick off 8:00.

Blackbody Vol III release and launch gig 21/05/10

The final instalment of our trilogy of eps; Blackbody Vol III is out Monday 31st.

We are celebrating the release with a launch party at The 13th Note the following Saturday, 5th June, hosted by Flowers In The Dustbin. Also on the bill with The Lava Experiments are The Hundred Metre Club and Mammals. Tickets are 5 on the door or 3 directly from the band ( Kick off 8:00.

Blackbody Vol III artwork 26/04/10

At last! We can reveal the new art work for Blackbody Vol III (posted opposite at time of writing). It follows on directly from the theme of Blackbody Vol II. The new art work for the original Blackbody Vol I will be released in the next few days, in conjunction with a digital re-release. There's no plans to re-release the ep on cd. If you got one of the originals consider yourself lucky. They are long gone sold out.

The tunage is 99% done. A trip to Perth last week tied up the majority of the mix/mastering (at John Wills studio). There's just a few final final final tweaks. Don't think you can ever be fully content with your latest work. There comes a time when you have to stop and let it go - dunno when that will be though ;-)

I'll say this though.... it's the best we've ever produced.

Blackbody Vol III 12/04/10

Chilled time for the lavas just now. Next gig is at The Captain's Rest 22nd April. Between now and then the art work for Blackbody Vol III (and the re-issue cover work for Blackbody Vol I) will be finalised.

John Wills is fresh from his Pumajaw European tour and beavering away mixing the tunage recorded back in Jan at Chem19. He's about 90% of the way there and we hope to have the finished product off to the printers in a couple of weeks time, well ahead of the 31st May release and 5th June launch party.

We've been dabbling with some new material in the studio. Wouldn't say it's off in an entirely new direction, but the writing process is more collaborative between the three of us, which is bringing out different influences. It's undeniably lava; perhaps more creative and complex than before. Just need to keep an eye on Rory's prog tendencies.

Chem19 08/02/10

the final installment of the Blackbody trilogy was recorded at Chem19 back in january, engineered by jamie savage. BBVol III is the first Lava release to incorporate live drums. the rough mix of the tracks (by jamie) Gas Moth, Autumn Light, Never Been Lost and Liquid Pig sound far closer to the raw and energetic live sound. john wills is currently on post recording duties. the ep should be completed late march/early april, with a release sometime May 2010, via Hanamuke.

For more details click here or to buy Love, Lust & Loss for 5 click 'Buy Now', below.

standalone player

For more details click here or to buy Blackbody Vol I-III and Piecing Memories Together Remixes for 10 click 'Buy Now' below.

piecing memories together EP launch review

Once the clutter of synths is removed, the stage looks almost empty for the three Lava Experiments. But they needn't rely on much hardware to make some of the most beautiful and powerful noise to have ever graced the Note: guitar, bass, some samples and a drum kit battered to a membrane. Frontman Fraser Rowan doesn?t say much, but what he does almost doesn?t matter ? his voice is another instrument to be bent to his will in the creation of his atmospheric soundscapes, echoing like a scream in a haunted crypt among the clatter of drums and guitars.

'Piecing Memories Together' is of course the reason we are here. The set pivots around its understated, haunting melody, and as the song builds itself into a powerful, desolate frenzy I swear my heart actually hurts. By the end of their allotted half hour, the audience are as emotionally battered as that snare.

Words and photos: Lisa-Marie Ferla under the radar blog

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