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The Lava Experiments started out in 2005 as a solo project by Fraser Rowan writing ambient soundtracks and downbeat electronica. Incorporation of guitar into the mix parked the sound well and truly on the fence between ambient electronica and post-rock.

Enthused by the responses received from the debut self-released album Wavelength and Solar, the first EP released via Herb Recordings, Rowan performed a live show in 2007. Preparation for playing live immediately brought out a rawer and more vital aspect to the music, which transformed The Lava Experiments sound and sowed the seed for an entirely new live dimension to the project.

Following a string of gigs that year, Roddy Campbell (Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter for Cobra Grande and Bass player for Pooch ) joined playing live bass. This created a fuller, more structured and heavier sound; not too mention another body to look at on stage.

The Lava Experiments switched to Antimatter Music towards the start of 2008 and ducked out from the public eye to write new material. This resulted in the release of Blackbody Vol Ithe first in a trilogy of eps, in May later that year.

Alan Wond was the next addition to The Lava Experiments on drums, at the end of 2008.

Incorporation of live beats into the set-up was a step Rowan had considered for sometime and it surpassed all expectations. Almost all the electronic beats from the live set were removed, with Wond bringing his own, very original style to each of the tracks. This created a real dynamic edge to the live sound which was'nít achievable previously.

Rory McGregor completed the lava lineup to replace Roddy in August 2009 and played his first gig with the band at the Blackbody Vol II launch in September of that year. Rory and Alan gelled immediately in the studio and as a result transformed the live Lava sound.

Blackbody Vol III was the first in the Blackbody series to be recorded live (at least in part). The ep was recorded at Chem 19 and mixed/produced by Rowan and John Wills (ex Loop, currently Pumajaw). Vol III was released May 2010.

Inbetween the release of Vol II & III, a remix ep was released (Jan 2010) of Piecing Memories Together. Contributing on the ep were dan le sac (and old time collaborator with Rowan), John Wills and Betamax Warriors. A radio friendly version of the original was also included on the ep.

The most recent recording from the band came out 30th May 2011 in the shape of Love Lust and Loss. The five track ep was recorded at Riverside Music Complex by Duncan Cameron, with support from Creative Scotland.
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